les arteliers

intuitive art workshops

Weekly retreats in the South of France.

Tune to your creative self without worrying about technique nor aesthetics. You will play with clay, fabrics, paints, writing, etc. 

Introductory level.


Program geared toward women's styles of self-expression. 

No spiritual lecturing, no recipes for happiness - just art, more art, and listening to your gut and senses.

Five participants max

Intuitive art

is a process disconnected from the intellect, from our addiction to plans and goals. 

We mute our nasty inner juge and trust  our gut when it says: "I know".

We don't ask: "is this the right thing to do?", "what will people think?" We simply do it, weaving play and dream. As a child would, unafraid, we know what is meant to be.

Intuitive art is a different experience for every person

"A step into the unknown"

"A mediation on self-compassion" 

"A voyage to invisible worlds" 

"A dance on my own rhythm"

"A primal flow of inner wisdom"


Creative retreat : a tentative schedule


11:30 : potluck

1 pm to 6 pm : the trickster

discovering the workshop

taming the fear of failure and ugliness


free morning for tourism

lunch: potluck

1 pm to 6 pm : the masks we wear

introduction to intuitive art

relaxing, softening our muscles

taping into our inner creativity


free morning for tourism

lunch: potluck

1 pm to 6 pm : modelling a hidden part of us

We all heard of the Good Girl or the Good Mother. What about the other women hidden inside us ?

We will explore prehistoric art to build confidence, then meet the inner characters we are not used to acknowledge.

(voir ci-dessous)


morning 9h30-13h: open workshop


free afternoon


7 pm to 11 pm : modelling our dreams

An evening spent with one's dreams while touching clay. The sunset on the Causses will set the mood.


the power sleeping inside us

9 am to 1 pm

Creating a power figurine with clay, wood, stones and fabrics

2 pm to 6 pm

Writing or telling a story about our figurines. Plays or improv, depending on the needs of the group.


9 am to 1 pm

finishing your pieces

Farewell lunch

2 pm to 4 pm: open studio


2024: Full

"I grew up in forêt de Grésigne. I moved to Canada and taught adults for twenty years, in Vancouver.

Once an empty nester, I flew back home and opened les Arteliers. I offer a safe space where to tap into your inner richness and power. Relax and trust yourself.

My motto: French food, wine, sunshine, art and slow life."


Where to stay in Bruniquel?

The village offers many accommodation and food options


Participants can access the Arteliers's kitchen for lunch

Classes are held during the hottest part of the day, in a house with thick walls, shutters and a shaded courtyard.

Retreats cost 300 euros per week, not including food nor accommodation.

The region

During your free time you can hike, swim in the Aveyron, visit the beautiful villages of Penne, Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val, Puycelsi or Cordes-sur-Ciel, or sit in the sun at one of the cafés.


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les Arteliers

16 rue droite de la peyre

Bruniquel, France

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